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Humour against hackers – films:

English Cartoons

1. Lock your PC
2. Passwords
3. Phishing
4. Data security
5. Confidential data 1
6. Confidential data 2
7. Ransomware

Skype for Business – Introduction (1 film)
These Cartoons are used in large organizations and companies in 2016. See films in Danish 



Amusing Awareness

IT-criminals are getting smarter in their attempts of getting access to your IT-systems, and are targeting your employees as a gateway to obtain that access.
We offer a series of humourous cartoons that gives employees guidelines for improving IT-security, helping them fend off hackers and promote
better, safer handling of confidential information.

The employees learn to be aware when handling confidential information and to be alert before clicking on links.

Recommandation by Tom Engly, TRYG INSURANCE 
Company Security CIO:

Awareness in a fun way

“The user in a company is targeted as never before, as a user is an easy way to bypass your security shields.
Whether you believe in awareness or not – I can´t help promoting these short awareness cartoons, which in my opinion will really get the users´ awareness.”

Expensive failures

If hackers find their way into your It-systems, it can cause serious problems.
Hours and hours of work can be lost, confidential information can be leaked and your companys reputation can be threathened – and the whole organization can end up being hijacked by ransomware from hackers.


To use the English Cartoons, please contact us: info@kelsa.dk – Tel.: +45 22610041



To use the English Cartoons, please contact us: info@kelsa.dk

The messages are clear – delievered in a lighthearted, memorable manner.
Audience: Employees in all kind of organizations.


The Video Cartoons can be delievered with the logo of your organization, if wantet.
The cartoons can be specifically tailored to your corporate ID in matter of graphics, language, symbols, messages, and Corporate Identity.
New and extra content can be produced and integrated.
The Video Cartoons can be delivered as ”stand-alone” as well as integrated in a proffessionel e-learning package for documentation and stragety, integrated in your LMS

Storytelling & Effective Communication

Animation cartoon is very effective when you want to communicate difficult issues and messages. We produces animation for a variety of purposes – for HR and business strategy for instance.
Please ask, if you consider animation for future purposes.


To use the English Cartoons, please contact us: info@kelsa.dk – Tel.: +45 22610041

English Cartoons

To use the Amusing Cartoons, please contact us:
info@kelsa.dk – Tel.: +45 22610041

Download Flyer Cartoons – presenting Cybersecurity and Skype for Business Introduction